Foot Care Cream

It is produced for foot care and protection. It provides effective protection and moistening on dry, cracked heels and hard feet. With an effective combination of vegetable oils and vitamins, it softens the skin of the feet, helps prevent cracks and repair hard heels. In patients with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, dry feet, known as xerosis, lead to consequences such as autonomic neuropathy, impaired sweat production, peripheral erythema, edema, atrophy and even exacerbation of skin dryness in the future. If dry skin is not treated, it can cause the development of fissures with the risk of ulceration. Also, when the foot is exposed to increased pressure and friction, the risk of developing foot ulcers increases. 

Prevention of diabetic ulceration. It is important to prevent them, as ulcers not only cause significant discomfort and problems for the patient, but can also lead to amputation as the most important outcome. Ulceration occurs when calluses and fissures increase. Regular use of a moisturizing cream formulated for the needs of the diabetic foot can prevent this condition. Therefore, Med-Cover Foot Care Cream is an important supportive product for diabetic foot care.

Instructions For Use

Wash feet with lukewarm water and pat dry. Apply twice a day to the desired area and rub gently until absorbed. Apply regularly for best results.