Rash Preventer Baby Wipes

Especially after changing the diaper, the acid layer (protective barrier layer) in the area may be deformed due to cleaning the perineal area with extremely basic products such as soap and water. The skin, whose acid layer is deformed, dries up. Dry skin cracks and these cracks become an extremely favorable environment for urinary infections in the area. BATH IN BED takes on the role of the natural barrier layer of the damaged skin with 3% Dimethicone in its content. This layer blocks liquid permeability.

The product, which is specially prepared for sensitive baby skin, will not harm the skin with its soft texture. It will help prevent skin damage as well as care for the urine and stool areas. It restores the moisture and elasticity lost to the skin with phospholipids, nourishes, moisturizes and offers a comfortable care opportunity with special components such as Chamomile Extract, Aloe Vera, Provitamin B5 and Vitamin E.

Barcode: 8681020477700 Quantity: 35 pcs/pack

It does not contain alcohol, latex, lanolin, dyestuff, paraben and any antiseptic substances that can harm the body flora. It is suitable for frequent use. It can be used for whole body care, including the perineal area.