Why should you choose silver ion?


With its R&D studies, Hipokratmask revolutionized the production of antimicrobial and antiviral yarn and fabric, and implemented patented yarn and fabric technology.


It provides effective protection against microbes with silver ions. It maintains the pH balance.

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It provides rapid healing in wounds with natural extracts in its content.

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Formulated with gentle ingredients. Does not irritate sensitive skin.

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It reduces itching with its natural and active ingredients. It relaxes your skin.

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Medical Center

Clinical TESTS



Company Story & Experience

In Turkey, it has started to produce sterile protective masks, disinfectants and colognes as a result of effective and important clinical studies, especially in the protection of human health. It uses specially woven fabric technology with TSE approved silver ions for the first time in Turkey and in the world in the sterile protective masks produced. It received the highest microbiology report in TSE International Accredited Laboratories.

It is the mask that does not fog and breathes most comfortably with its 100% filtering feature. It provides full protection against viruses with its improved filtration system. At the same time, it destroys viruses with its specially developed silver ion weaving technology. Hippocrates continues to work hard to protect the health of you and your loved ones, and continues to sign many products with silver ions. We wish you and your loved ones healthy days.

The yarns produced with AG+BIO POLIMER Nano Fiber Network technology provide 100% AntiViral, Antimicrobic, Antibacterial protection in all tests and analyzes. In our researches, in the fabric production process, the fabric is washed after weaving.